What Our Clients Are Saying

"Knowledge, courtesy, years of experience and efficiency are the hallmarks of the Begley Law firm. We trusted Tom and his staff after only a short time in the office. These people know what they are doing and we have total confidence in everyone there."

- Mary T.

"Outstanding professional service provided by a law firm whose number one goal is the protection of your estate and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of. They make you feel at ease and provide excellent guidance with a process that every family needs to complete. I cannot thank them enough."

- George Y.

"Our experience with the Begley Law Group was outstanding! Tom and his Group are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They are well prepared and efficient. The service we received was top notch! Their guidance and advise was very reassuring. We HIGHLY recommend the Begley Law Group; true elder law leaders!"

- Elizabeth D.

"The designated term "superlawyer" describes Tom Begley Jr. perfectly...professional, personable, and someone who really cares about you. Tom and his team are wonderful people who happen to be lawyers and I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone who is seeking professional expertise in special needs estates."

- D. M.

"We definitely chose the right firm to help us with estate planning when we picked Begley Law. Tom Begley is a pleasure to work with. He gave us many options and let us pick how much or little we wanted to do. Tom is not only brilliant about elder law he is also a kind human being."

- Nancy T.

“Begley Law Group is top notch. Its knowledge of and experience with elder law issues is exceptional. I know because I worked for a top-notch elder law firm in Florida, and Mr. Begley was the attorney to whom we referred clients in the Philadelphia area. I brought my mother here to establish a special needs trust for my mentally ill sister, and referred my brother who had a friend who needed help with an elder issue. I saw Mr. Begley recently for estate planning since the death of my husband. I totally trust the Begley Law Group and its staff, and I rest assured that they have considered every aspect of my legal needs.”

- Lynn M. 

“Mr. Begley's expertise and the efficient and friendly staff in his office made my father's estate planning experience seamless. Much less stressful for the family and Dad knows he has a friend he can call at any time with any questions or concerns he has about his future. I would highly recommend Begley Law Group to anyone who needs estate planning (and who doesn't at some point) or has other elder law issues. Thanks Tom!”

- Leslie S. 

“Faced with caring for a 97 year old we had no idea how to proceed to ensure her long term care. We learned so much during our meetings with Mr Begley who created a formal plan spelling out an effective and legal course of action. He and the staff were friendly and professional and the meetings and plan were extensive and on point. I strongly recommend the firm to anyone faced with elder law concerns and questions”

- John B. 

“I am a client of the Begley Law Firm dating to September 2004. I have found Tom Begley and the employees of his firm to be a thorough, reliable, and knowledgeable source of information regarding Estate Planning services including Special Needs Trusts. His interview and questions during the process of developing wills and trusts are thought provoking and insightful which made me feel comfortable with an otherwise complex process.”

- John V. 

“Mr. Begley, as founder of Begley Law Group, you win the gold medal for leadership, dedication and insight. You, Ms. Caruso and your staff are incomparable in your commitment to families — it goes so far beyond anything I have ever seen in my entire life. Words cannot describe feeling of gratitude we have for absolute kindness we received from every single person at Begley Law Group. That’s so awesome! Speaking of awesome, the letter you wrote for me is amazing. It is such an honor and privilege know you. Thank you so very much for being a part of our journey — you have our humble gratitude for embracing them and sharing in their aspirations.”

- Lisa D. & Family 

“Now that the dust has settled and our father is placed in a good nursing home, I wanted to properly thank you.  I do believe that had we not pursued Guardianship through Begley Law Group, our father would most likely not be here today or be institutionalized or incarcerated and not receiving proper care and dignity.  Thanks to you for all you do serving the elderly and needy.”

- Mimi D.

“First, thank you for such a great meeting today. It means the world to us to have Mom feel comfortable with her legal team, so that she can take care of any legal issues and feel safe in the knowledge that her wishes and concerns are being addressed. As we were driving home today Mom just had a sense of comfort and confidence. That sense of security is a great gift, and I sincerely thank you for that. Plus you are so nice and friendly – a delight to work with!”

- Maureen M.

“Thank you…. for securing Medicaid coverage for my husband. Without your keen knowledge and legal expertise I would not have been able to do it myself. Your confidence in knowing what to do and how to do it properly was a reassurance for me during this long process.”

- Ann G.

“Thanks to your advice and counsel we were victorious. I must say that you were the only attorney that supported me with the correct legal approach to my problems.”

- Alexander R.

“I want you to know what a pleasure it’s been doing business with you and your team. In this day and age, it’s rare to find a group of dedicated professionals like yours.”

- Peter S.