Veteran’s Aid & Attendance

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For those of you who are Veterans or a spouse of a deceased Veteran, Begley Law Group, PC can assist you in obtaining a monthly check from the Federal Veteran’s Administration known as Veterans Aid & Attendance. We can also assist you in planning for a Federal or State Veteran’s Home. We can navigate the various eligibility requirements for Veteran’s and Medicaid Planning because quite often they don’t go hand in hand. What most people do not take into considerations are any conflicting requirements between Veterans and Medicaid Planning. Begley Law Group, PC has attorneys who are accredited by the Veteran’s Administration and staff who can review your income and assets and provide advice and strategies for you to qualify for these valuable benefits. Each of the Partners at Begley Law Group, PC is an Accredited Attorney with the Veterans Administration and can assist you in Veterans Planning.

Veteran's Aid & Attendance

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