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Begley Law Group, PC focuses on the special legal needs and concerns of those over fifty. Our firm has developed significant expertise in this area particularly in asset protection planning. A proper Medicaid Plan can protect your assets from the increasing costs of long-term care expenses or nursing home care.

It is key to start your Medicaid Planning early.
The cost of nursing home care can exceed $10,000 per month, and in some regions may considerably exceed that amount. How does one pay for such an expense, or even plan for such contingencies? Options include private pay, long-term care insurance, Medicare, Veterans’ Benefits, and Medicaid. Only about 5% of Americans have long-term care insurance and less than 1% of nursing home residents are currently receiving Veterans benefits.

The major alternative to private pay is therefore, Medicaid. By carefully designing a thorough Medicaid plan, security can be ensured for the spouse and a legacy preserved for surviving children. Failure to design a sophisticated plan may result in the spouse being unable to maintain his or her standard of living. In some instances, the family home may have to be abandoned. The rules of eligibility for Medicaid are strict.

To help a person navigate these rules, an attorney with expertise and knowledge of Medicaid Planning becomes essential.

Medicaid Planning Questionnaire

Should I consider Long Term Care Planning for myself or a member of my family? Our planning questionnaires help you focus your unique needs.

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Medicaid Planning with Begley Law Group, PC

The Begley Law Group, PC Value Package

Our goal is to provide security for the spouse and preserve a legacy for the children.

Here’s what you get with a Begley Law Group, PC consultation:

  • Attorney consultation (90-120 minutes)
  • We’ll review all public benefit programs that pay for long-term care.
  • We’ll review strategies that help protect your assets.
  • We’ll estimate how much money we can save you.
  • We’ll value your stocks, bonds, automobile and residence.
  • We’ll evaluate your Existing Will, Living Will, POA & Trust.
  • Your consultation fee is applied to your final fee if the firm is retained.

Here’s what you get when you retain us:

  • A written Detailed Asset Protection Plan tailored to just for you.
  • A binder containing your Asset Protection Plan and all documents.
  • Begley Law Group, PC will:
    • Provide assistance re-titling your real estate, brokerage accounts, and other assets.
    • Signing appointment in your home, hospital or nursing home, if necessary.
    • Assist with changing your beneficiary designations on life insurance, annuities and retirement plans.
    • Follow through until you become eligible for Medicaid. (or five years which ever first occurs).
    • Provide regular scheduled updates.
    • Always be available to answer your questions.
  • Flat fees available. Includes telephone calls, follow up consultations and photocopies.

Our Medicaid plans insure the security of the community spouse and preserve a legacy for the children. We can assist in the preparation of asset protection plans, wills, living wills, general durable powers of attorney, trusts, Medicaid applications and other documentation, as required. Changes in government administration can prompt dramatic shifts in Medicaid eligibility laws.

Planning early allows you to protect significant assets. Every month you delay in planning can cost you an additional month of nursing home expenses. In those cases where planning was not done and the person is already in a nursing home, assets can still be protected, but the earlier the planning is done, the more money is saved. How much can you afford to lose?

Our attorneys literally wrote the book on Medicaid Planning in New Jersey. In addition, our firm attorneys have been active throughout the State in bringing forth legislation to help protect the legal rights and planning opportunities for elderly and disabled individuals.

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