Medicaid Applications

The Medicaid Application process requires great detail and organization, from gathering five (5) years of bank statements, proof of documentation and life insurance, to meeting with the County Medicaid Agency and navigating a maze of rules and regulations. Begley Law Group, PC can navigate this process for you so you can focus your time to care for your loved one. One mistake in eligibility can cost you months of nursing home care. Let Begley Law Group expertise work for you in filing your Medicaid Application.


New Jersey Medicaid Planning with Begley Law Group, PC

The Begley Law Group, PC Value Package

Our goal is to provide security for the spouse and preserve a legacy for the children.

Here’s what you get with a Begley Law Group, PC consultation:

  • A consultation with an experienced Begley Medicaid Specialist (90-120 minutes).
  • We’ll go to the Medicaid office for you. We know how to answer their questions.
  • We’ll save you time, money and stress.
  • Were experienced at navigating the Medicaid maze.
  • We’ll insure that you’re in complete compliance with Medicaid law.
  • Prior to filing we’ll:
    • Determine the appropriate time to file.
    • We’ll give you an outline of the Medicaid application process.
    • Revalue your assets where required.
    • Recalculate the amount of assets your spouse can retain.
    • Recalculate your spouse’s monthly income allowance.
    • Order Pre-Admission Screening.
    • Estimate Payments due to facility.
    • Notify Nursing Home application filing date and eligibility date.
    • Maintain open communication until Medicaid is approved.
  • Flat fees available. Includes telephone calls, follow up consultations and photocopies.

You would not want to go to an IRS audit by yourself nor would you want to go to Medicaid without an expert.

Begley Law Group Special Reports

To learn more, and to set up a time for your consultation, call 856-235-8501 or toll-free at 800-533-7227. You can also reach out to us through our online form.