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Begley Law Group, PC has excelled in the establishment of guardianships for the incapacitated adult and developmentally disabled individual. Often due to mental illness or advanced age, a loved one is no longer able to take care of themselves. Absent a valid Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Directive, a substitute decision maker is needed to address the needs of the individual.

A guardianship is a protective arrangement established by the court system on behalf of an incapacitated individual or a minor child. Frequently, guardianships are established on behalf of older adults who have lost mental capacity due to senile dementia, major strokes, and severe mental illness, among other conditions.

Giving Loved Ones The Care They Deserve

In such cases, loved ones will be required to go to court and file for a Guardianship proceeding in order to get the appropriate decision making authority. In some cases, a parent of a disabled child may need to apply for either full or limited Guardianship once that child turns 18 for the parent to continue to make the necessary decisions if the child does not have the capacity to do so themselves.

Two types of guardianships exist: 1) guardian of the person, and 2) guardian of the property. The guardian of the person is in charge of making personal and medical decisions on behalf of a mentally incapacitated individual. The guardian of the property is in charge of making financial decisions on behalf of such an individual. One may serve as a guardian of bother person and property.

Establishing NJ Guardianship with Begley Law Group, PC

The Begley Law Group, PC Value Package

Our Goal is to assist you in obtaining legal guardianship of a loved one.

Here’s what you get with a Begley Law Group, PC consultation:

  • Conference with attorney to discuss if Guardianship is appropriate
  • Discuss appointment of guardian to gain control of personal care decision-making
  • Discuss appointment of guardian to gain control of financial decision-making
  • Discuss appointment of guardian to gain control of medical decision-making
  • Ability to engage in Medicaid Planning
  • Ability to engage in Tax Planning

Here’s what you get when you retain us:

  • Diligent assessment of particular issues relating to Guardianship and individual client needs
  • Firm expedites the appointment process
  • Relieves stress on the family
  • Guidance with respect to Medicaid and Tax Planning
  • Coordinate potential evaluationof psychiatrists and physicians
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary effectuation of service
  • Diligent assessment and assistance with conflicts involving contested Guardianship
  • Representation in litigation matter, if necessary
  • Prepare accountings, if necessary
  • Prepare and file tax returns, if necessary
  • Assistance in obtaining bond, if necessary
  • Several attorneys available to attend court on earliest possible date and to answer questions
  • Able to handle emergent applications
  • Firm can find a guardian if the family cannot

Begley Law Group, PC seeks to maximize guardianship opportunities by analyzing potential avenues of tax relief and Medicaid planning. Our firm will help you navigate the required court proceedings to ensure your loved one is cared for by a trusted guardian.

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