Life Care Planning Questions & Answers

What is a Life Care Plan?

A Life Care Plan from Begley Law Group is your guide or “roadmap” for important Life Care decisions in the years ahead. It addresses all the facets of aging, disability and illness that you or your family member is likely to face including health care, legal and financial decisions and creates a blueprint for decision-making. It allows you to proactively prepare for the future with fewer surprises and stressful last-minute decisions. In addition, the Life Care Plan is reviewed and updated regularly as your health care situations change, which keeps the plan in step with your life.

What is the role of the Begley Law Group Life Care Coordinator?

The Begley Law Group Life Care Coordinator is your single point of contact for creating and managing your Life Care Plan. You will work with your Life Care Coordinator directly to create the initial plan or “roadmap for care” for you or your family member. You remain in control but every step of the way, the Life Care Coordinator will be there to help answer your questions and make choices as situations change. They become very familiar with your situation and needs, and are your advocate and trusted advisor for important Life Care decisions.

My family member is already in a nursing home, is it too late to create a Life Care Plan?

It is never too late to create a Life Care Plan. Obviously the earlier you begin planning the better, but your family member can still benefit from having Begley Law Group create a Life Care Plan. The plan our Life Care Coordinator helps create along with their direct support will help guide you through the many decisions that still lie ahead. In addition, a plan can help monitor your family member’s health, safety and well-being over time.

When should I consider beginning a Life Care Plan for a family member?

The simple answer is right now, but there are some specific indications that you could benefit from a Life Care Plan. If you are trying to manage the care for an elderly relative living far away or your life is starting to seem too full to help manage their care effectively, then a Life Care plan will give you support during that process. If members of your family disagree about the care for a loved one, a Life Care Plan can help find common ground for moving forward with much needed care. If you’re starting to notice deterioration in any aspect of your family member’s health, you might be headed for some important decision-making. A Life Care Plan can help you sort through the options.