Article by Thomas D. Begley Jr. Unfortunately, many personal injury settlements come undone when liens have been discovered after the settlement has been agreed upon.  Sometimes this is fixable, but often it is not.  Here are some of the common liens that must be addressed in typical personal injury settlements: Medicaid Liens As a condition…

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UCP Motor Cars at the Ballpark 2012

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012 attorneys and staff from Begley Law Group enjoyed a night at Citizens Bank Park for “UCP Motor Cars at the Ballpark.” Begley Law Group was an “Excellence Partner” and co-sponsor of the annual event, which presented a curated collection of privately owned classic cars and motorcycles for the special guests…

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Critical Steps to Take Once a Will has been Probated

When a will is not “self-proving,” a witness who signed the will or a bystander witness — one who witnessed the decedent and two witnesses signing the will, but did not personally witness the original signing of the document — must be present to authenticate the will. A will is “self-proving” if the decedent and…

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