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Estate Planning Beyond the Will

Begley Law Group (“BLG”) assists you with your Estate Planning beyond the drafting of your Will, Advance Directive and Power of Attorney (POA).  These additional services make your life easier and ensure that your objectives are accomplished.  Additional considerations might include the following. TASK-SPECIFIC POAs General Durable POAs have become very long, because they need…

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Ethan Ordog, Esq. Profiled in Suburban Family Magazine

Ethan Ordog, Esq. of Begley Law Group was recently profiled in the June edition of Suburban Family Magazine. Written by Matt Cosentino, the article gives a great perspective on the work Ordog does for his Begley Law Group clients, especially those with special needs. “As an experienced attorney and partner at Begley Law Group, Ethan…

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Financing Long-Term Care In New Jersey 2019

Statistics show that approximately 70% of the population age 65 or over will require some form of long-term care.  Some will be there for relatively short periods of time.  These are usually stroke or accident victims or surgery patients who are doing rehabilitation.  A significant percentage will remain in a nursing home for an extended…

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Understanding Estate Planning

By Thomas D. Begley, Jr. What Is Estate Planning? Estate planning is the process by which an individual defines his or her goals for passing assets to beneficiaries and chooses appropriate tools and strategies for achieving those goals.  The process begins with a careful analysis of one’s situation, objectives, and potential tax liability. Only after…

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