Begley News – June 2017


by Kevin M. Buttery, Esquire


Believe it or not, when your child turns 18 he or she is considered a legal adult, and that means that even as their parent you no longer have the ability to control their financial or personal decisions. This makes it difficult to safeguard their physical and financial well-being.  Even parents with the most responsible children may have restless nights knowing their child is now exposed to the world without protection.  Particularly when your child goes off to college, it becomes important to be able to manage their finances and have access to medical records and grades.  While your college-bound child may find it imposing, unnecessary or laughable, it is a good idea to have your young adult execute a General Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney and HIPAA Release, so you can act on your adult child’s behalf while he or she is enjoying the new experience of college.



with Jack W. Kennedy III, President & CEO of KENNEDY INVESTMENT GROUP

The Begley Law Group is pleased to announce Jack will be co-presenting a financial planning seminar on June 21st. In advance of the event, The Begley News asked Jack five brief questions about KIG and its personal client approach. 

What inspired you to establish Kennedy Investment Group?
The inspiration behind KIG was to create a customer-focused practice that truly viewed its client’s as its employer. The goal was to nurture an environment where results are never measured through corporate profits but rather through the lens of successful customer outcomes and accountability.


Why KIG?

At KIG, we will never make a recommendation on the first appointment.  We will never discount the fact that we our responsible for managing our client’s life savings. It is critical that we take the time to intrinsically understand the entire picture prior to offering any recommendations. It’s a responsibility we understand and passionately embrace every day. It’s also the very reason for our success and that of our clients.