Five Questions with Jack W. Kennedy III, President & CEO of Kennedy Investment Group

by: Begley Law Group

At first glance, the advisors at Kennedy Investment Group (KIG) may appear to be just another financial planning team. But, that’s where the similarities end. With over 125 years of combined experience, Jack W. Kennedy III and his team have forged a long-standing reputation as one of the region’s premier financial planning and wealth management practices. KIG’s success stems from its personal client-centric focus and commitment that’s built on a culture of dedication, care and service.

The Begley Law Group is pleased to announce Jack will be co-presenting a financial planning seminar on June 21st. In advance of the event, The Begley Buzz asked Jack five brief questions about KIG and its personal client approach.

What inspired you to establish Kennedy Investment Group?

The inspiration behind KIG was to create a customer-focused practice that truly viewed its client’s as its employer. The goal was to nurture an environment where results are never measured through corporate profits but rather through the lens of successful customer outcomes and accountability.

Why KIG?

At KIG, we will never make a recommendation on the first appointment.  We will never discount the fact that we our responsible for managing our client’s life savings. It is critical that we take the time to intrinsically understand the entire picture prior to offering any recommendations. It’s a responsibility we understand and passionately embrace every day. It’s also the very reason for our success and that of our clients.

What is “Financial Care for Life”?

It’s much more than our tagline. It’s our customer promise. We fully understand that our client’s financial plan is their plan for life. Protecting them and their family’s future is much more complex than simply managing numbers. It’s about being there at every turn to guide them along life’s journey. Understanding their needs better than they could possibly understand themselves, no matter where they are in life, and providing the advice and experience needed to help meet their financial goals. “Financial Care for Life” is the driving force behind our culture and brand.   

What’s the future of KIG?

We’ve experience incredible growth over the past 20 plus years and we are very excited about the future. We’ll continue to grow but only under one condition – we can continue to support our clients with same personal attention they have come to expect from KIG. Our clients are not a number. Whether visiting our office or a simple phone conversation, each and every client must continue to feel the comfort and confidence that they are the only thing that matters when interacting with our team. Anything less defies our mission and customer promise.

What advice would you provide to someone seeking a financial advisor? 

It’s important to do your homework. We encourage prospective clients to interview at least three advisors as part of the process. Never make a decision on the first appointment. The relationship of the client and financial advisor must reciprocate value, gratitude and mutual understanding to be successful. That requires time and collaboration along with a common vision and objective. Patience is truly a virtue when it comes to selecting your planner.



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